Why People Prefer Using Pots or Containers for Gardening?

With the coming of containers or pots in the market, gardening has become easier for people who love doing it but couldn’t make it possible for limited space. The good thing is that you can grow plants using containers both indoors and outdoors. For a more appealing look, you can also use designer flower pots that are available.

If you aren’t yet convinced and want some better reasons to why people prefer using post or containers, here we’ve the reasons for you.

* No matter where you want to grow the plants, be it on the patio, balcony, and courtyard etc. container gardening gives you the possibility to do so.
* When you grow plants in pots or containers, they become easily accessible. Both elderly people and children can easily access it.
* Growing plants in containers will help them grow better with flexibility to move your container depending on the needs of the plants. A variety of garden pots and planters are available that you can choose from.
* Container gardening requires very little maintenance and as a result it can save both your time and money. Also, not much hard work in this is required.
* Also, another benefit of growing plants in pots or containers is that you can grow a variety of plants together in the same pot. This will not only save you money, but will give your garden an attractive look.

Choosing the right pot or planter:
With a wide variety of designer flower pots available, it becomes challenging to pick the right pot. Look for a well-known supplier of pots and planters that is known for offering high quality products. When buying the pots, focus on quality rather than the looks.

Watering your Plants:
Watering your plants on time is necessary if you want to help them to grow better. Therefore, it is important that you water the plants when needed. Now, how do you know if the plants need water? Well, you can put your finger in the pot and if the soil is dry, it’s time to water them. Follow a regular plan to provide nutrients and water to the plants because the pots dry sooner.

The above points must have helped you understand the benefits of container gardening. Search for a company that offers best quality garden pots and planters at reasonable prices.

We’re done with this post on the reasons for popularity of flower pots or containers. To know more about designer flower pots, garden pots and planters etc. you can keep reading our forthcoming articles.

How To Decorate Your Home Using The Country Home Decorating Style

There are many styles of decorating one’s home. One of the most popular ones today is “country home decorating.” Country home decorating involves a casual friendly lifestyle, much like the country lifestyle is often about.

To make your home reflect country home decorating, you should have each room of your home incorporate the theme. The main elements of this theme are the following:

– Using harmonious colors that do not clash with each other in your rooms, which helps to make the whole scheme come together.

– Achieving balance with the main pieces of furniture you place in your rooms;

– Carefully placing each piece of furniture so that the purpose it was made for can be fully utilized and you gain the most benefit from owning it.

You want the rooms to exhibit simplicity and restfulness, much like what the country life revolves around. This is why you should only have the pieces of furniture in a room that you truly will use. You also should not use many colors. In addition, the color scheme you use should be based on the same family; you should not mix shades, as this will totally distort the image of country home decorating.

Your home should also provide an atmosphere with quality objects that have good shapes and color-combinations. You should take your time in furnishing your home with the “right items,” as rushing on what items to put in your home will likely lead to wrong choices and wasted money. After some time, you’ll learn what pieces of furniture and furnishings you aren’t using, and can therefore get rid of and replace with pieces that have colors and shapes that are congruous with your room’s theme and are provide a more useful purpose.

You should make sure that the lighting fixtures and picture frames all blend in well with the style of furniture you furnish your home with. You should also hang appropriate pictures that match up with your furniture style as well.

It’s very important to have a unified theme when you’re decorating the interior of your home using a country home decorating style.

Another main element of country home decorating is that warmth and charm are evident in all the furnishings. Using natural-tone furniture, like oak or pine, constructing your floors from natural wood, flagstone, or tile, and using wood blinds or cafe curtains with checkered or floral patterns can help show this element of warmth and charm you’d expect to find in a country home setting.

Other main elements you want to emphasize in your country home include comfortable sofas and recliners, open fires in fireplaces, many books, and the lighting where you have as much sunlight as possible during the day and many lamps that provide good reading light at night.

A country home emphasizes simplicity, balance, good harmony amongst all the furnishings of a room, and the warmth and charm that such elements bring to the room. Using natural-toned furniture like oak and pine and natural substances to create your floors, like natural wood or flagstone, will also add to the country home atmosphere. When these elements are combined together in a pleasing manner, you’ll experience the country warmth, charm, and tranquility in your home.

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Using The Right Hand Gardening Tools

When you are starting your beginning stages of the planning process for your garden, you want to make sure that you have on stock the right kind of hand gardening tools. No matter what type of garden you are planting and no matter how big or small it is going to be, it is vitally important that you have as many hand gardening tools that you will need and that they are the correct ones. This will prove to be a wise investment, as it will make a lot of jobs a lot easier for you in the long run. The money will be very well spent if finances are an issue for you.

Maybe someone you know has some hand gardening tools that they are no longer using either because they no longer garden or because they do not see the importance in them like you do. You could either borrow or purchase these hand gardening tools from them and this would still turn out a lot cheaper then going brand new. Or during the summer months you could hit several yard sales in search of hand gardening tools and often find some excellent deals that way. Often times, hand gardening tools can be found at about one dollar a piece if you are lucky.

The Problems To Expect

If you are not used to using hand gardening tools, you may experience slight pain in your hand and in your joints at first or at least until your hands get used to using the new tools. But do not worry, soon you will be using them without problems and you will not even remember a time when you weren’t using them. Also, if you bought your hand gardening tools used, the blades on some items may be worn. This doesn’t mean you have to dish out more money but by using a simple sharpener, you can restore the hand gardening tools back to tip top shape.

Also, know that you may end up missing a piece of your set here and there and that is to be expected as everyone goes through that. And since these hand gardening tools are rather inexpensive to purchase, it really does not matter much. And then, at the end of summer once all of your plants have died done and you begin to clean your garden up, you will more in likely find a few hand gardening tools here and there that you thought you lost a while back.

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Beautifying Ones Home And Garden Using Flags

Numerous people have determined that beautifying their homes and also their landscapes with flags, is an excellent idea. At this point, this is becoming the newest trend throughout the United States. In fact, not only the United States, but throughout the world.

With so many selections for decorative flags many people have actually started displaying different flags outside their front doors, depending on time of year. The front door is not just for the American Flag any longer. Many individuals could have the American Flag on one side of the front door along with a flag which shows the time of the year on the other side.

Another wonderful thing about flags getting to be so well liked, is that one could come across flags which represent just about anything you want, and for virtually any holiday. So each time Easter comes around you can go to your entry way and replace the particular flag you have there right now, with one which symbolizes that holiday.

But it isn’t going to stop there, you could find flags for virtually every holiday you can think of. And not just our nation’s holidays, it’s also possible to find flags for peoples birthdays and even your children’s graduations.

Needless to say the front door isn’t the only spot that individuals are hanging their flags. Many people are additionally making use of yard arbors to show flags close to flower beds or elsewhere on their lawns. This really is a terrific way to add a little color to your yard.

For those who have property on a beach, be proud of your second home and find yourself a flag representing a beach landscape and hang it up at your primary home. Lots of people adore those back garden gnomes, now you can get a gnome flag to display over those small statues.

And naturally, don’t overlook the fourth of July. This particular holiday has become the largest reasons that individuals acquire flags. Nevertheless, you no longer have to hang the standard American Flag. You can now pick from various kinds of designs that incorporate the United States Flag straight into there flag patterns.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, showing off your patriotism, or perhaps finding methods to beautify your property using flags, is certainly the brand new thing. More than likely this will be around for a while. And because of the online world, it’s simple to find all the flags you have been searching for.

Utilize your creativeness, and you just might discover brand new and distinctive techniques to use ornamental flags. There really isn’t any limit to the uses you’ll find with regard to these kinds of decorative flags, including displaying all of them inside your home in order to enhance your walls.

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Using Exterior Shades With Misting Systems To Cool Your Garden And Frontyard

For people living in most of the U.S., the two exceptions being the Alaska, the most northern state, and the calm, moderate state of Hawaii, summers will include a period of sweltering, uncomfortable weather that is as short as a few days to as long as several months.

During the hottest days, it becomes uncomfortable to spend time outside the house. Families with children won’t be able to spend time playing in the open air. People will find it difficult to exercise by taking walks or running. Pets and their owners will have a hard time taking advantage of the outdoors.

Hobbyist gardeners may be struck by the fact that overly intense sunshine has the effect of destroying their handiwork. While plants do need sunlight to thrive, excessively high temperatures and heat will cause them to droop and wilt. If the gardener is fortunate, the drooping is temperature and the plant will recover. Otherwise damaged plants may be lost forever.

To avoid the damaging effects of these intense summer days, home owners should consider outdoor shade solutions for their home. There are roughly three kinds of possibilities to help shade the home. One, a fixed structure that is part of the house. Two, a portable shade that can be moved to desired locations. Three, an air-temperature regulating system such as an outdoor fan or an outdoor misting system. These three may be combined also to synergize their cooling effects.

Fixed outdoor shades include gazebos, pergolas, and awnings. The awning is perhaps the simplest yet most versatile of the three. When placed over an entrance or a window, a retractable awning can cover a large area, perhaps even extending partly over the yard or garden area. The advantage of fixed structures is that they are always ready-to-use. Electronic and mechanical add-ons mean that awnings can be opened at a push of a button. The disadvantage is that the costs of such fixed outdoor shades are very high.

For those who cannot afford or cannot find time to set up the fixed outdoor shades, it’s possible to get a portable outdoor shade for a fraction of the price. The best example that everyone knows is the pool umbrella. Simple, no-frills umbrellas are cheap, but accessorized ones can command a much higher price. Two other portable outdoor shades are worth mentioning. For outdoor parties and events, a canopy tent can be easily set up and provides ample benefits to protecting participants at the events. Much smaller gatherings of people can be protected with the much simpler portable or freestanding awning.

Shading is only one aspect of keeping the outdoor or garden area cool. A temperature regulation system can work together with the outdoor shade to bring down the temperature of the surrounding area by ten degrees! The best cooling system is the outdoor misting set up. Pipes and sprays are combined to create fine, aerosolized droplets of water that aid in evaporative cooling of your home and garden. The magnitude of cooling can be amplified by using a high powered outdoor fan.

Some of this information was graciously supplied by a site on outdoor shading. Peruse the most up-to-date news in relation to freestanding awning .

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The Surprising Benefits Of Using Raised Garden Beds

Copyright (c) 2012 Jack Russell

Gardens will fit into almost any kind of space, and accommodate any kind of soil, particularly when intelligent design, a basic knowledge of soil requirements and personal tastes are accounted for. Gardening is an easy hobby, or a serious endeavor for home-grown produce, but regardless of the commitment level of the gardener, a good crop requires some basics. Hobbyists and homesteaders have used raised garden beds for many years, and with great success, as they produce any kind of flower or herb imaginable.

Garden soil is the most important aspect of any successful garden, and is often the most labor intensive area to improve. Level gardens are more easily prepared, but often have poorer soil qualities and are subject to flooding during heavy rains. The level garden is also more difficult to work in versus an elevated garden area, as level gardens require much more bending and stooping. Many different garden books offer instructions for elevated garden plans, and the plans work into the landscape beautifully. However, the primary advantage is found in the improved soil quality and lack of compaction in a raised bed.

During the summer months, gardeners around the world battle with weeds, watering needs and insects. Spring often brings heavy rainfall, which can spell disaster for any garden if left in a level garden area. Seeds refuse to germinate and plant roots can rot quickly. An elevated bed wicks away excess moisture, which allows plants better aeration and better water distribution. Gardens placed above ground allow gardeners to get an earlier start to their season, as the soil in these types of beds will warm more quickly, thus allowing earlier planting. If frost is an issue, the beds are quickly covered with plastic and frost damage to the plants is avoided.

As many gardeners know, certain plants require certain types of soil. Blueberries prefer a rich and acidic soil, herbs like undressed soil, and tomatoes and squash prefer fairly neutral soil rich in fertilizer and humus. Building raised garden beds is the perfect way to create an oasis of perfect soil for each type of plant to ensure that the garden will flourish with a variety of plant needs. Once the beds get built and the soil is amended as needed, the hardest part is finished. Typically, the soil will only need refreshing with a top dressing once a year.

Elevated beds are a fabulous addition to any landscape, and are built in any shape or size. They work marvelously with comfortable pathways that meander between the beds, and gardeners can perch on the edges of the beds to comfortably tend to the plants. The visual impact of a raised garden area accents any style of garden, from Mediterranean to the English cottage garden. Beds can be a single unit, or can be used to cover an acre of land. The advantages continue to become more obvious as the gardening season progresses – weeds, watering and back aches no longer become such an issue with gardeners around the world.

Jack Russell is retired and likes pottering in his herb and vegetable garden. He is not an expert but likes  raised garden beds which seem beneficial. Jack has found a lot of helpful information at http://www.raisedbedgardens.net  You can also sign up for a free newsletter and a free copy of an interesting 100 year old book on growing herbs.

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Using Raised Garden Beds Will Change The Way You See Gardening

Copyright (c) 2012 Jack Russell

Raised garden beds provide some advantages. The creative gardener uses them to create beautiful landscaping. There are several styles; some purchase a premade bed, while others enjoy building their own. Gardeners with bad backs return to the garden, only now, they don’t have to stoop or bend.

Advantages of a Raised Garden

The raised garden bed drains quicker than a normal garden. This aids in soil compaction; the less compacted the soil, the better the roots can spread out. The yield is higher in a raised bed; it has superior conditions for soil, temperature, and light. The higher temperature means planting early in the spring is no problem. It is a convenient way to use a preferred soil; it won’t wash away during a storm.

The garden is more accessible. Depending on the design, it is possible to have each plant within an arm’s length. Gardeners need not walk, or kneel in mud. Back injuries no longer limit gardening; people work from the comfort of a chair.

There is less need for weed and pest control with a raised garden. The bed itself provides a barrier against snails and slugs. When there are weeds, it is easier to reach them.

Raised beds make a beautiful setting for creative landscaping; these gardens end up with detailed stone pathways that can put any home on the local garden tour. Depending on the bed-type used, the walking surface may be anything from paving bricks to gravel. Some beds are assembled on the lawn, so the paths in between are grass. Lawn care is easier when mower access is unnecessary; this is a good argument for a landscaped path between beds.

Types of Raised Gardens

The wooden box type of bed consists of four wooden planks assembled on the existing terrain. There is no bottom; this facilitates drainage. Although this type of bed can be stacked for more height, it is primarily used for the plant benefits it provides: better drainage, higher temperature, pest prevention, and soil retention during storms.

The elevated garden bed is practical for gardeners who want to work either standing straight, or sitting. This type looks like a table. It has a wooden box supported by table legs. Some have a handy shelf fastened to the legs about four inches off the ground.

A greenhouse is the classic raised garden. Covered modular raised beds deliver the same benefits. A garden covered with a material that lets light in, but keeps frost out, has obvious advantages. Planting and growing continues in the off season; also, plants develop and produce faster in the warm environment.

Flexible materials are more versatile than straight wooden planks. A thinner board is easily formed into whimsical shapes. A raised bed made of this can be a butterfly-shaped centerpiece.

Some premade raised gardens include the boxes, watering system, rabbit-proof fence, and gate. The whole system is delivered, and then assembled on site. The gardener just needs to provide a source of water.

Things to Consider

Wooden raised garden beds work well until they rot. Cedar is naturally resistant to rotting; it is the right choice for an organic garden. Before deciding to add raised beds consider the future. If you plan to remain in the home into retirement age, it is wise to use a higher, more accessible bed. Concrete garden beds outlast most homeowners, and can be designed to any specifications. A wide, low bed will require bending and stooping; a high narrow bed allows access to plants from all sides. If the budget is limited, consider making a long-term plan.

Jack Russell is retired and likes pottering in his herb and vegetable garden. He is building a raised bed garden  and likes container gardens, too. Jack has found helpful information at http://www.raisedbedgardens.net  You can also sign up for a free newsletter and free copy of an interesting 100 year old book on growing herbs.