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Tomatoes come in all sorts of colors, although what we are accustomed to seeing is just red and yellow. Tomatoes come in black, purple, orange, pink, variegated, white, yellow, red and green. Yes, it’s true… green tomatoes do not always refer to unripened tomatoes. A couple very popular varieties include a green striped tomato called Green Zebra and a green tomato with a pink blush called Aunt Ruby’s German Green. Green tomatoes have a rather spicy, mild flavor. Of course, if you want traditional fried green tomatoes, you may prefer to use an unripened fruit, since a ripened tomato won’t stand up to the heat in the skillet as well.

You can find the seeds from most seed companies. when you do your search online, you will sure find alot of places to choose from. Just remember that is very hard to find green tomatoes seedling in the market. its recommend to create a seedbed inside

Green tomato seeds should be planted 6 to 8week. Remember to first separate your seed, as they stick together during the process of packing.plant as many seed as you can, since most of them may not germinate.

Green tomato seeds grow just like any other tomato seeds. Plant them about ” deep in either a seed flat or in small pots. Water them lightly. You’ll want to keep them moist but not wet. You may find a mister works well. Just give them a misting whenever they need it. If you cover the pots with a plastic hood or some plastic wrap, it will help keep the moisture in. Tomato seeds germinate best if the soil is at 75 F to 90 F. If you start a lot of plants from seed, you may want to invest in a heating mat made for germinating seeds.

Once the seeds have sprouted, you’ll want them to have a slightly cooler temperature. Keeping the temperature between 60 F and 70 F and giving the seedlings plenty of light will help keep them from getting leggy. South-facing windows are a favorite spot for tomato plants. If you don’t have an available window, you may want to put them under a full-spectrum fluorescent light set a few inches above the pots.

Once the little sprouts have their second or third set of true leaves (they’ll look like tomato leaves, not seed leaves), transplant them into 4″ pots so they have more room to grow.

Before you transplant your little green tomatoes outdoors, harden them off. To accomplish this, set them outdoors during the day when it is warm, and bring them in after a few hours for about a week. The next week, extend the time they are outdoors, until eventually they are outdoors all the time. At night they may need to be in a protected spot.

After that process you can now plant your green tomato.You can put support around they plant to help it grow.

Transplanting green tomatoes seed

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