Mobile Home Decorating Tips

Mobile home decorating presents challenges regarding space. The rooms in mobile homes are small and will require ideas and tips about decorating small spaces. If you have plans for decorating your mobile home, they may need to be compromised somewhat because of the space. However, there are ways to achieve your ideal theme in mobile home decorating.

The first step in mobile home decorating or decorating any small space is to get rid of the clutter. Sort through your things and get rid of any unnecessary or unwanted articles. This will automatically make your space look bigger. Find places to hide things like under table skirts or behind closed doors. Making sure everything is neatly stored and out of view will open up the space. While moving things and clearing away, you may want to rearrange your furniture. Make sure large pieces of furniture are not blocking walkways or entrances. Also place tall pieces of furniture on a wall and not in an open space. Mobile home decorating is about creating space in an area that doesn’t have much space.

Choosing color is important in mobile home decorating. In order to create an open, larger atmosphere, you should use light, cool colors. Painting your walls in soft tones of blue or green will provide an open, airy feel. You should also choose colors within the same color family in mobile home decorating. Not only when picking paint colors but also when choosing fabric for curtains or upholstery.

Rooms look larger when they are well-lit. In mobile home decorating it is very important to ensure rooms have plenty of light. Stay away from heavy curtains or drapes for your windows. Use window treatments that are lighter to allow the brightness from the outside in. To provide plenty of light in your rooms, have lamps, track lighting or recessed lighting installed. Small spaces need more light.

There are little tricks for mobile home decorating. Using reflective materials is one trick to make a room appear larger. Using mirrored tiles or a large mirror on a wall will definitely make a room look larger. You may not be fond of mirrored walls but this may be one compromise you”ll have to make. Another trick is to use see-through materials. This will make objects look further away. This idea could be used in shower doors or table tops.

When choosing furniture for mobile home decorating, it is better to pick big pieces. This may sound strange but a few bigger pieces of furniture, is much better than several small pieces of furniture. Using several pieces, the space is cluttered while two or three bigger pieces will allow for more openness in a room. If covering your furniture, be sure to pick plain colors instead of prints, plaids or stripes. If wanting to add something extra, use texture but also in plain neutral tones. Choosing plain colors and neutral colors for light, sheer window treatments, bedskirts and tablecloths will provide an airy feeling as well. Owning a small home like a mobile home can provide problems when decorating but if you follow advice and suggestions for mobile home decorating, your home could be comfortable and feel much larger than it actually is.

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Some Simple Tips On How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

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A gardener who knows how to build a raised garden bed has an advantage over gardeners who plant or seed directly into the soil. Raised garden beds are ideal for areas with poor soil that can’t be amended without a lot of work or expense. The soil added to a raised bed can be just about perfect for the gardener’s purposes and they might end up with an abundant crop or lush and healthy blossoms. In the meantime, their neighbor might end up with a handful of scrawny tomatoes and nutrient starved flowers.

How to build a raised garden bed is fairly simple, if not particularly easy, but the work will be worth it during the growing season.

The first thing to do is to lay out the raised bed area. Many gardeners want their raised bed to be in the shape of square or a rectangle, because it’s easier. Before they even start to build they should notice how much sun the area gets so they don’t end up with a bed full of sun loving plants in a shady area.

The gardener should then break up the soil inside of the area of the bed. This will help the soil drain properly. If the soil has a lot of clay, it’s good to dig down to a depth of about six to eight inches. They should remove any vegetation in the area of the bed as well so to make it as weed free as possible. If the area has some good grass sod, the gardener should take it out with a square nosed shovel and put it somewhere else in the yard.

The next step is to build the frame. The gardener should lay one of the longer boards along the edge of the area they’ve prepared. Then, they should set one of the shorter boards so that the two meet perpendicularly to each other. They should place two metal corner braces on the inside corner of the frame and screw them in place. To make sure the boards don’t wobble, they should secure a piece of wood across the corner and keep it there until they fill the bed with soil. They should repeat until all the boards are braced together to form a box.

Another way to secure the boards is to nail them together with eight or 10 inch galvanized spikes. This should be done with a heavy duty hammer and works best if the gardener uses more than one tier of boards.

The length of the boards will depend on the dimensions the gardener wants for the bed. Many experts recommend that if the bed is going to be accessible from two sides it shouldn’t be any wider than six feet and if it’s only going to be accessible from one side it should be no wider than three or four feet. The length will depend on the scale of the yard and the house.

The gardener should make sure that the top of the frame is level. If it isn’t, they can either add or remove soil then recheck until it’s level. Then, they should drive stakes into the ground at the centers of the longer boards to keep them steady. At the end, they can fill the bed with good, loamy soil and smooth it out with a rake.

Jack Russell is retired and likes pottering in his herb and vegetable garden. He is not an expert but is building a raised bed garden. Jack has found a lot of helpful information at  You can also sign up for a free newsletter and a free copy of an interesting 100 year old book on growing herbs.

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Gardening – Tips and Techniques

One of the oldest hobbies known to man, gardening has withstood the test of time as a hobby. It is not only enjoyable but fruitful as well in more ways than one because plants actually bear fruits. You can grow your own flower and vegetables and even fruit. Gardening is a hobby which is easy and gives you exercise and exposure to sunlight as well.

If You Want To Grow Tomatoes

If you are starting out and want to grow tomatoes, remember that are easy plants to grow. As there are more than 25,000 varieties available, you will be able to find a variety which will be suitable for your soil and weather conditions. Tomatoes can he used a large number of recipes and can be used raw or cooked. It is a delight to watch tomatoes growing in your garden as you get to see tomatoes going from green to red before your eyes.

There are two ways to grow tomatoes. You can either buy the immature plants and plant them, or you can grow them from seeds. Just remember that if you are growing them from seed, you need to plant the seeds at least six to eight weeks before the last expected frost.

If you are growing them in your garden, you will need to prepare the soil, dig the holes an the plant the baby plants or the seeds. Even baby plants will need sunlight and warmth, so make sure that the location is such that it gets the sunlight. If you are a window sill or terrace gardener, you need to see that the fledgling plants get the warmth and water that they require

If You Want To Grow Flowers

Planting flower bulbs is fast, easy, and nearly foolproof. Even if you have no gardening experience you should be able to complete this with few to no problems. The first step is for you to prepare the planting bed. Then you use fertilizer, and plant the bulbs into holes.

There are lots of resources available on gardening, whether it is books or internet sites. You can get all the information you need for your gardening needs. Once you get into gardening you will meet other people with the same hobby and as your network grows you will get more tips and techniques to help hone your gardening skills.

How To Find Gardening Help

You will need gardening help whether you are a new at this hobby or a professional gardener. Sometimes you may just need a little organic gardening help, at other times you may need the help of a seasoned expert who can show you what you can. In any case, it is necessary to know where you can access the organic gardening help whenever you need it.

Finding The Information You Need

There are many resources that you will be able to access when you need gardening help. There are innumerable books on gardening available at your nearest library or book store and books will always be there for you to look up. They are among the really good sources of information for organic gardening help.

Among the really good and best selling gardening books are Gardening Basics for Canadians for Dummies by Liz Primeau, Canadian Gardening by Steven A. Frownie and The National Gardening Association. With the aid of these books, you will find out which are the best plants to grow for the area and climate that you live in, make sure that you are using ecologically friendly products, make your gardens really beautiful, whether you have an open landscaped garden or other types which the books will tell you about

The internet is an extremely friendly and informative resource which will help you with your gardening skills. Through the internet you can find any possible information that you are looking for in terms of gardening help. In no time at all you will be able to find solutions to any problems you may face with your gardening or any help that you may require with regard to organic gardening.

If you want to get even more savvy about gardening, there are courses and seminars that you can attend which will provide you with gardening help. As you will be able to ask questions one on one, you will be able to get professional guidance and help. You will also meet people with similar interests and while networking, you will find out even more gardening information which will be of help to you.

Gardening is not just a hobby which is rewarding and interesting, but it also helps you do your bit for the environment. You can use organic gardening to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables which will be of aesthetic value and also perhaps you can literally enjoy the fruits of your labor by eating the fruits and vegetables. Organic gardening may seem to be taking up a great deal of time, but it is not that difficult to do and the rewards are worth the time and labor that you put in.

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Garden Planters – The Tips You Need To Know To Grow Vegetables In Them

If you’re itching to get your green thumb on, but want to do more than grow flowers, you should consider your own vegetable and fruit gardens. You may be thinking your backyard doesn’t have good enough soil to grow great vegetables and fruits. That may be true, but you still don’t have to give up. Instead, create a better yard, through garden planters.

You don’t want to pay a fortune to add layers of right topsoil to your whole yard when you really only need the richer soil in the specific places where the plants are going to be growing. You may not have done the research before, but it could be hundreds to thousands of dollars to have a complete layer of topsoil placed on your yard. So, why not just create smaller rich planting venues with garden planters?

Instead of trying to prepare a whole yard, you can decide where you want your garden to grow and put garden planters in the right formation. Then fill them with potting soil or topsoil that the plants will thrive in, and plant away.

If you really want to dress up your garden area, you can choose some of the more decorative garden planters out there. Some can go with the theme of your yard, being made to look like a number of animals outdoor scenery pieces that blend in with your natural backyard look. Others will look like they are finely sculpted pieces of stone that were meant to be in a statuary.

Not everyone wants that look through. Some want it to look like they planted their back yard with a very traditional and simple garden. Even if you don’t want to see the garden planters, you can still have them in the yard; you just need to make sure they are not visible. In this case you will want to get the simple and economical garden planters and bury them in the backyard, with the top right at the surface of the ground. Then you still have the same rich ground to plant in, but no evidence.

Another beneficial part of using garden planters is that you can be the envy of the neighborhood by having the first harvestable garden on the block. While they will think you put out a lot of money to have full grown plants imported, so you could drop them in the ground as soon as it was ready, you will know that you really started some of those garden planters early on in the pantry or another room in the house. It’s also nice to know that when you have a desire to do a little gardening that even Mother Nature and her freezing fury can’t stop you, you just need to relocate the already growing plants when the outside temperature is ready for them.

With the help of garden planters you’ll be able to enjoy gardening all year round and also reap the rewards of fresh fruits and vegetables on your dinner table.

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