Why People Prefer Using Pots or Containers for Gardening?

With the coming of containers or pots in the market, gardening has become easier for people who love doing it but couldn’t make it possible for limited space. The good thing is that you can grow plants using containers both indoors and outdoors. For a more appealing look, you can also use designer flower pots that are available.

If you aren’t yet convinced and want some better reasons to why people prefer using post or containers, here we’ve the reasons for you.

* No matter where you want to grow the plants, be it on the patio, balcony, and courtyard etc. container gardening gives you the possibility to do so.
* When you grow plants in pots or containers, they become easily accessible. Both elderly people and children can easily access it.
* Growing plants in containers will help them grow better with flexibility to move your container depending on the needs of the plants. A variety of garden pots and planters are available that you can choose from.
* Container gardening requires very little maintenance and as a result it can save both your time and money. Also, not much hard work in this is required.
* Also, another benefit of growing plants in pots or containers is that you can grow a variety of plants together in the same pot. This will not only save you money, but will give your garden an attractive look.

Choosing the right pot or planter:
With a wide variety of designer flower pots available, it becomes challenging to pick the right pot. Look for a well-known supplier of pots and planters that is known for offering high quality products. When buying the pots, focus on quality rather than the looks.

Watering your Plants:
Watering your plants on time is necessary if you want to help them to grow better. Therefore, it is important that you water the plants when needed. Now, how do you know if the plants need water? Well, you can put your finger in the pot and if the soil is dry, it’s time to water them. Follow a regular plan to provide nutrients and water to the plants because the pots dry sooner.

The above points must have helped you understand the benefits of container gardening. Search for a company that offers best quality garden pots and planters at reasonable prices.

We’re done with this post on the reasons for popularity of flower pots or containers. To know more about designer flower pots, garden pots and planters etc. you can keep reading our forthcoming articles.

Terracotta Pots all the Rage

Although terracotta has been used architecturally for many centuries, it wasn’t until a couple of decades ago that people started to use it for household purposes. It’s hardly surprising that the benefits of terracotta pots were soon realised as the thickness of them guarantees resistance to weather and ageing and they are plant friendly due to the colour and texture of the material.

Terracotta pots (baked earth) are baked clay that has not been glazed and is also applied to the reddish-brown colour considered most typical of the material. The popularity of terracotta pots has grown over the years due to the fact that the range of pots available continues to improve whilst still maintaining reasonable prices. As well as this, almost any plant looks good in a terracotta pot regardless of whether you are growing it inside, in the greenhouse or out in the garden. You can buy them in a wide range of shapes and sizes and either plain or decorated so you are very likely to find a design that matches your existing decor. If you keep your plants in the garden you can even be rest assured that your terracotta pots are safe in winter because as they are fired at such high temperatures they are frost resistant.

Terracotta pots originate from their use throughout history for sculpture and pottery and bricks and roof shingles. In ancient times, the first clay sculptures were dried (baked) in the sun after being found and were then placed in the ashes of open hearths to harden. Kilns were then used, similar to those that are more traditionally used for pottery today.

Most people think of terracotta pots as something you find in your garden. However, terracotta has been used for many centuries around the world. The most famous terra cotta statues are those of the terra cotta warriors in China and another significant user of terracotta has been Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army of China. American architect Louis Sullivan is well-known for his elaborate glazed terracotta ornamentation which is only possible with terracotta. Terracotta has also been used extensively in the town buildings of Victorian Birmingham, England and pre-colonial West African sculpture also made extensive use of terracotta.

Other reasons why terracotta pots have become so popular include the fact that they are much lighter than other materials and it can be further glazed to produce objects with colour. In fact, they make perfect plant pots because not only are they hard-wearing but they look good as well.

It’s our intention to source high quality items from around the world to deliver to your home from terracotta pots. We are offer three ranges of hand-made, frost resistant Italian Terracotta pots and planters, as well as terracotta garden furniture.

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Decorative Flower Pots

Decorative flower pots are so easy to make and beautiful once they are finished. One can start with a simple terra cotta pot, add paint, a few stencils and have a very unique creation that adds class and style to any personal space. Because they are personally designed, these garden pots will fit right into the creator’s home decor.

Unlike commercial decorative flower pots which are generic and not very appealing, personally created garden pots are designed with the owner’s tastes in mind. They are brilliant accessories for any home. Not only are these flower pots beautiful accessory pieces, but they are a wonderful art project that can be completed within a couple of hours.

Looking for a wonderful way to spend time with the kids while creating a beautiful craft? Create decorative flower pots together. This is a project that is both fun and relaxing to do. In addition, it does not require a lot of products and it can be finished within a few hours.

The needed materials are a terra cotta pot, a vibrant color of acrylic paint, stencils, stamps, soil and a favorite plant or flower. The kids will love picking out the colors, stencils, stamps and flowers. Possibly this pot will go into the kitchen or maybe one of the kid’s rooms. However, it does not matter where the pot is placed. The main thing is that lots of fun, love and time will go into creating it. Not only is this a fun way to bring the family together for a couple of hours, but it also serves a useful purpose and results in a decorative product.

Decisions! Decisions! Now that the project is finished, what types of flowers go well in decorative flower pots? If one cannot decide upon a flower, then maybe a plant will do just fine. Ask the children to pick a favorite flower. Possibly a tulip or a rose?

This would be a wonderful time to help the children learn about garden pots and gardening by potting the soil and planting the plant. Not only will they be thrilled about creating beautiful decorative garden pots, but now they get to choose a favorite plant or flower and plant it as well. Children like to know that they have created something beautiful. It makes them feel special and important.

Now that the pot is finished and the soil and plant are planted, where will you place your new pot? Decorative flower pots can go in just about any room, whether it is inside or outside. Garden pots add a simple beauty to any space. If there is not a space on a kitchen counter or shelf, maybe the pot can be hung from the ceiling instead. Add a decorative special touch to the room by hanging your garden pots from the ceiling.

All in all, making decorative flower pots is a fun craft that the children will love to do. With just a terra cotta pot and a few paints and stencils, one can not only spend a few wonderful afternoon hours with the family, but also create a beautiful looking pot in the process.

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