Wonderful Raised Bed Garden Plans To Enhance Your Home

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There are many advantages to having raised bed gardens that are both aesthetic and functional. They can also be quite therapeutic in helping to wash away the stresses of the day. There are a number of great raised bed garden plans you can choose from for both flowers and vegetables that will spur your imagination.

A raised garden bed is ideal for areas where the soil is not conducive to producing abundant, healthy plants. When planning your garden bed, be sure to choose a sunny spot where your plants will get the greatest exposure. Also be sure to pick a flat area of ground to install your box.

Building a Basic Wooden Raised Garden Bed

Building a 3 x 6 foot bed creates the perfect environment for growing vegetables and beautiful flowers. It provides them with enough space to grow and thrive and gives you easy access to each plant without ever having to step into the bed. Ideally, you want your bed between one and two feet tall. If you intend to grow more plants, it is better to build more boxes rather than making one box larger. Try to place your boxes on the north side for the best sun exposure. If building more than one box, leave enough space between them so you’ll have easy access all around.

Remove weeds and grass, then dig a trench deep enough so the walls of the bed are half-way sunken into the soil. Add landscape fabric to prevent weeds from popping up and steel mesh to keep out moles and other garden pests. Build each wall of the bed separately, then attach them. Posts driven deep into the ground at each corner of the bed will help stabilize it, keeping it from shifting. Add a watering system to your bed and you’ll then be ready to plant.

Creating a Greenhouse Effect

To keep your plants safe from birds and insects or to extend your growing season and preserve moisture, you can add a simple cover using polyethylene film and PVC piping. Mount one inch PVC pipe with galvanized metal straps inside the wall of the bed. Be sure the pipe is twice the length of the bed so you can easily bend and attach the other end to the other side of the wall. Attach the film and you have a simple, yet effective, greenhouse. Be careful not to let your plants get too hot when the weather gets warmer. Either remove the covering or cut slits into it to release excessive heat.

Other Ways to Create Raised Beds

If you’re planning to build a simple garden bed in the back yard, using untreated lumber such as Douglas Fir will work well for any bed. For something more eye-pleasing, there are many ways to create a stunning garden that will be the envy of all. You can build your garden walls from stone or brick and even terrace a sloping landscape for a multi-tiered effect. Create a curved garden around a water fountain or bird bath for a simple and beautiful addition to your landscape.

With a bit of imagination and dedication, you can have a raised garden that is easy to maintain which will add beauty and function to your home. You’ll also enjoy the outdoors more than ever.

Jack Russell is retired and likes pottering in his herb and vegetable garden. He is building a raised bed garden using information he found about plans and kits . You can also sign up for a free newsletter and a free copy of an interesting 100 year old book on growing herbs at the same siteĀ  http://www.raisedbedgardens.net

How to Create Beautiful Landscaping and Garden Designs at Reasonable Prices

I spent a lot of time looking around for the best landscaping services I could find, and found a great Garden Designer Sydney. What they do is work with you to create the landscaping design that you want and need to make any space beautiful. They are experienced in creating the most beautiful landscapes at reasonable prices. They have over 25 years experience in landscaping and have done hundreds of projects. They offer contemporary courtyard designs to complete garden estates. They even help with learning the best way to maintain your new landscape.

They have a great understanding of the diversity of what different people want, need, and have the capacity to make it a reality. With experience in landscaping, interior design, fine arts and architecture, they will make your landscaping dreams a reality. They also have an amazing team of people that work with them that have a know how in horticulture to best choose the landscape replete with native and easy to care for species or more exotic types that you want. They have a spectacular showroom that you can go explore. They have an amazing selection of garden pots, sculptures, plants and custom furniture that will make your garden a vision to behold. They offer landscaping services beyond just planting a few flowers. They offer landscaping consultations, design, council DA’s, project management, construction and architecture.

Even if you live in an urban area, they offer a spectacular array of green spaces that you can make your own. They have the option of checking out some of their past work in a portfolio, so you can see right off what they have been able to do for others in even the smallest of spaces. They have contemporary courtyards that they have done, sculptures that they have installed and even heritage listed garden estates. They can bring any landscape back to life with a garden design that you want and need with the best most sustainable gardens that will bring you pleasure for many years. They strive and pride themselves on their ability to create outstanding gardens on any budget. They also ensure that they get the work done for you on time and on budget.

They offer the most amazing array of plants and have a complete service to create the most spectacular garden estate for any size property. They have custom designed pottery, and also offer commissioned sculpture and art that you can add to your garden. They have been featured in a variety of home and garden magazines and other newspapers, so you know that their work is great. They also have a variety of articles that they have written themselves, so that you can have a no pressure look at some of their landscaping and garden designs in the comfort of your own home. For anyone looking for a new space in their courtyard or even a small space that needs some sprucing up, they can do it for you with amazing flair. Give them a call, go to their website or visit their courtyard today.

I wanted to redo the big area in my backyard, and found a great Garden Designer Sydney. Here is their site for more Landscape Design Sydney ideas.

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Modern Outdoor Shade Umbrellas Enhance The Home And Garden

The adverse results of excessive exposure to the sun include heavy premature wrinkles, sunburnt skin, and skin-related diseases later in life. Excessive exposure can occur through using the home swimming pool, working in the backyard, or even just lounging on a patio. These mundane and common activities can potentially lead to skin damage from too much sun light.

People can protect themselves against skin damage with the use of outdoor shades. One exceptionally low-cost and convenient option is the outdoor shade umbrella. With a width of about 8 to 10 feet, they are a common sight around pools and homes. But most people don’t know that modern versions can have a lot of add-on options that increase utility and value.

Near pools, the umbrella is most often configured to be held in place by a hole in the center of a table. However, the center pole obstructs the view of those sitting around. To remedy this problem, manufacturers have designed a side-post umbrella. The pole is placed in a stand away from the table, and a side-arm or side-post extends from the post to hold the umbrella shade over the table. A table is not even needed.

Heavy wind will topple poorly anchored umbrellas. The base should be heavy enough to withstand strong gusts. Classically, a cheap base was just a plastic container filled with sand. Newer bases are made of very dense metal that not only anchor but also look elegant and classy.

The umbrella is useful during the day but useless at night, or is that always true? Now one can get special lights that fit under the ribs. These lights make the shaded space useful even when everything else around is dark. The lights are powered by either batteries or an electrical source. Multiple lights illuminate the surrounding equally in all directions.

Umbrellas should be retracted and placed into storage during off-seasons. The closed configuration can be shielded against further damage and dirt with a special cover. Covers are picked for both style and for their compatibility with existing decor.

One last accessory is the opening motor. The opening motor powers both the opening and closing. Usually this is done via a hand crank, but such a method is time-consuming and slightly dangerous. Motors make the job much easier by allowing remote access as well as decreasing the chances of caught fingers.

The writings supplied for outdoor shades will be useful to many. Still have questions ? It might be worth it to check out our research about the unattached awning industry.

Desert Garden Planters

If you live in an arid part of the country, you may have encountered problems when trying to start your own garden. Putting together some desert garden planters can be a rewarding and fulfilling venture, especially if you’ve struggle in the past to grow anything in the hard, dry earth. Different in practice than gardening in temperate or tropical climes, there are certain things to take under consideration when planting in drier areas, including what to plant, how much to water plants, etc. For the planting of vegetables, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Climate and altitude are two major factors for planting. In desert areas, the temperature is usually hot and dry during the day, but can get very cold overnight. Also, higher altitudes are cooler and poorer in oxygen.

Because the soil is desert environments is usually nutrient-poor and has a higher concentration of alkaline and salt, garden planters are useful because you can create and maintain the soil to your liking. Most vegetables are annuals and so only have a limited amount of time to create strong root structures that can support the stem and take in nutrients for the fruit and bloom. Peat-based mixtures and other nutrient rich soil that is mixed with fertilizer works well, but whatever you use, make sure it contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Watering is obviously crucial in dry, hot settings. Desert garden planters require a good deal more watering, not only because the high temperatures will dry out the soil more quickly, but also because these regions tend to get less rainfall, and what rainfall does come will not last in the topsoil, but rather sink well down into the ground and away from the harsh sun, making it that much more difficult for plants to naturally thrive.

As far as pests and insects, deserts do have the luxury of being less infested than other climates. However, there still are creatures living in the desert, so if you are worried that your garden planters are being compromised, you may either decide to bring those planters inside or use a mild pesticide. Be aware though, if you are using a pesticide, it will get on the plants, so carefully wash any picked vegetables before you eat them.

Knowing when to plant and when to harvest is good to know, and varies by region. For example, in many parts of the Midwest, the general rule of thumb is to plant after May 15th. However, in more Western regions, the last frost comes sooner. For example, in Texas the time to plant is around March 26th, while in New Mexico it’s not until April 13th. On the other end of that, the first frost of autumn falls somewhere between October and November, depending on where you live. Knowing how long the growing season is in your area can also affect what you decide to plant. For instance, okra and watermelon, which have longer growing seasons, will not do as well in northern areas or higher elevation regions. Kale, on the other hand, is a cool weather plant that suffers in very hot conditions.

When setting up your garden planters, make sure they have a proper drainage system, otherwise water will be trapped inside and damage plants. Think also about where to place planters, inside or outside, in sun or shade. As a rule, vegetables do best under direct exposure to sunlight, but consult the specific instructions for each variety just to be safe. Also unique to desert conditions are the occurrence of spring winds, which can be disastrous on fragile saplings. If wind is a concern, invest in a wind break or place garden planters in an area that’s alee.

For some ideas on what vegetables to plant in your desert garden, here is a list of what does well for early planting and what plants are better to wait on.

If you plant in early spring or live at a higher altitude where the temperature is cooler, some hardy vegetables to consider include the following: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, celery, lettuce, spinach, onions, peas, and radishes.

Once the last frost has passed and the temperature is high enough you can move on to these vegetables: pumpkins, squash, eggplant, okra, peppers, melons, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.

Living in the desert does not mean that you can’t enjoy the fresh bounty of a ripe harvest. With a slightly modified gardening routine that’s different from temperate climates, vegetables (and flowers and herbs for that matter) are a snap to grow. Before you know it, you’ll have a flourishing oasis in the desert.

Tonya Kerniva is an experienced research and free lance writing professional. She writes actively about Garden Planters and Cedar Garden Planters.

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Techniques For Painting Garden Planters

Whether you’ve made your own garden planters, or you just aren’t pleased with the way the ones you bought look, decorating planters is a fun and rewarding experience. Turn your backyard into a colorful oasis of plant-life and style with these easy to follow techniques. Get an antique rusted metal look, and decoupage your favorite patterns. Or use this information as a jumping off point and let your imagination run wild.

Rusted Metal Look

Wrought iron and aluminum garden planters are some of the most beautiful and ornate looking models available in today’s market. However, they are also usually expensive, or if not, will start to rust before you know it. Even the top shelf planter models, coated rustproof sealant and zinc hardware, will one day or another also begin to rust. That is just nature’s way, and if you keep your garden planters outdoors, it’s something to expect. If your planter is already starting to rust, or else you just enjoy the look of antiquated rusted metal, like that which you might see on a weather vane or garden accent, here is a quick and easy technique for controlling the rust in your favor. All that you need for this venture is table salt, water and a spray bottle. Starting out, it is much easier if the metal you are working with is not already coated with a rust-resistant sealant. If it is, this process will take a lot longer. If possible, either by hand or using an electric sander, attempt to slough off as much sealant as there is to expose the unfinished metal beneath. Once the metal is smooth and clean, it’s time to make your saltwater solution. Using the ratio of approximately 1-2 tablespoons of salt per pint of warm water, fill up your spray bottle. Stir or shake the mixture in order to fully dissolve the salt. Making sure your garden planters are outdoors and away from other metal objects, spray them down each day with the solution. Left outside, the planters will begin to rust over time due to oxygenation. Once rusting has begun, you can control just how rusty you want your planter to be by spraying more or less often. Once your planters have reached your desired look, you may want to consider applying a coat or two of sealant on top to make sure that rusting does not continue.


Another fun and really easy way to decorate garden planters is with the arts and crafts hobby known as decoupage. From the French word “decouper” meaning to cut out, decoupage has been around as a handicraft for centuries. Even such acclaimed artists as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse were known to dabble in the craft. For our purposes, we’ll keep things simple. Terra cotta and ceramics work best for this method, but don’t be afraid to play around with other materials if you’d like. Start by picking images and patterns you like from magazine, greetings cards, really anything you can think of. If the image is on a thick surface, make a color photo copy. Next, using scissors, or an X-acto knife for detailed pictures, cut out your desired shapes. Once you have enough images to cover the entire surface of the garden planters, affix pictures on using standard white glue or specialty craft glue. Using a popsicle stick or brayer, smooth everything down and spread any uneven glue around using cotton swabs, a sponge or paint brush. Finally, use a lacquer or sealant of some kind. Spray acrylics, Mod Podge and polyurethane work well. If you’re planning on using planters outdoors, apply a few coats of the strongest waterproof sealant you can find.

Tonya Kerniva is an experienced research and free lance writing professional. She writes actively about Garden Planters and Large Garden Planters.

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Beautifying Ones Home And Garden Using Flags

Numerous people have determined that beautifying their homes and also their landscapes with flags, is an excellent idea. At this point, this is becoming the newest trend throughout the United States. In fact, not only the United States, but throughout the world.

With so many selections for decorative flags many people have actually started displaying different flags outside their front doors, depending on time of year. The front door is not just for the American Flag any longer. Many individuals could have the American Flag on one side of the front door along with a flag which shows the time of the year on the other side.

Another wonderful thing about flags getting to be so well liked, is that one could come across flags which represent just about anything you want, and for virtually any holiday. So each time Easter comes around you can go to your entry way and replace the particular flag you have there right now, with one which symbolizes that holiday.

But it isn’t going to stop there, you could find flags for virtually every holiday you can think of. And not just our nation’s holidays, it’s also possible to find flags for peoples birthdays and even your children’s graduations.

Needless to say the front door isn’t the only spot that individuals are hanging their flags. Many people are additionally making use of yard arbors to show flags close to flower beds or elsewhere on their lawns. This really is a terrific way to add a little color to your yard.

For those who have property on a beach, be proud of your second home and find yourself a flag representing a beach landscape and hang it up at your primary home. Lots of people adore those back garden gnomes, now you can get a gnome flag to display over those small statues.

And naturally, don’t overlook the fourth of July. This particular holiday has become the largest reasons that individuals acquire flags. Nevertheless, you no longer have to hang the standard American Flag. You can now pick from various kinds of designs that incorporate the United States Flag straight into there flag patterns.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, showing off your patriotism, or perhaps finding methods to beautify your property using flags, is certainly the brand new thing. More than likely this will be around for a while. And because of the online world, it’s simple to find all the flags you have been searching for.

Utilize your creativeness, and you just might discover brand new and distinctive techniques to use ornamental flags. There really isn’t any limit to the uses you’ll find with regard to these kinds of decorative flags, including displaying all of them inside your home in order to enhance your walls.

If you are looking for different types of decorative flags, you can find a huge variety of flags at our site, you can find us at: Garden Flags.

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Building a Raised Garden Bed: Install Garden Beds

There are various reasons that people will consider building a raised garden bed and one of the reasons being it is one of the best methods to ensure that your crops or plants remain as healthy as possible. In case you notice poor results on some of your tomatoes or flowers there are various considerations that you will have to bear in mind. Most of the time people will assume all sorts reasons for poor productions for their crops which will ranging from the poor use of fertilizers to lack of water. All these are valid if not possible reasons considering that most of the time the plants may need a bit of fertilizers to thrive but building a bed is one of the major considerations that you should bear in mind and not owing to lack of fertilizers or water but the advantages of building a raised garden bed. In other terms, building a raised garden bed may be the only answer to your questions therefore you may need to consider the following:

When building a raised bed there are enough reasons why you will need it and one of the reasons being a raised bed offers richer soils for your plants meaning that your vegetables are likely to thrive through the raised bed. In other words, the reason why your plants were not thriving was because all the soil nutrients were exhausted and there may be need for replenishing the soil. In addition, when building a raised garden bed you may consider putting manure or fertilizers in the raised garden to boost the first produce from the garden. This is to mean that t you stand a better chance of getting better results by building a garden bed especially if the garden is comprised of poor or marginal soil or the place you live is known for poor soil.

In case you would like faster results for your crop produce building a bed is a great idea and most of the time it is among the best ideas that you can have when you are in need of the garden’s produce. The raised gardens are known to have soil profiles that are filled with soil nutrients which are great for the crop produce. In addition, while building a raised garden bed you may consider adding some fertilizers and compost manure to harness the growth of the plants. Most of the time it usually turns out that you can harvest vegetables within a short period of time and more so quite often making it possible to have constant supply during hot and cold seasons owing to building a raised garden bed.

It is a fact that living in some places there is hardly any space for gardening let alone a place to play thus building a raised garden bed becomes a perfect option. The reason owes to the fact that for those living in the city building a raised garden bed gives you the chance to plant many more plants on the garden bed and even if they are close together it is still possible for the crops to thrive in such conditions.

Elman Peterson is an expert-writer who writes on many different topics. He invites you to learn more about building a raised garden bed on his popular raised beds gardening website here.

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Good deals on garden and home equipments

It is true that web shops provide good deals on garden equipments but one should be careful when shopping online. Tools used at home and garden are expensive because they are always high in demand. But web shops are able to provide garden tools at affordable price because they have functional advantage over traditional stores.

A web shop is a website and maintaining and running a website is quite affordable in comparison to physical store. A website needs no sales staff or tools as it sells products with the help of pictures and description of the tools. Also a website doesn’t need to place guards to protect its items as there is no fear of theft of damage to the pictures of the tools. A website owner saves money by working online and for this reason he has no hesitation in reducing price of the commodities. But a physical store owner can’t do so because he has to maintain the facility and need sales staff.

Online stores can give lucrative discounts on even the bestselling products but you can expect from websites. You can buy products at cheap price, if you can locate the manufacturers that are also the suppliers. A manufacturer of machines and tools that is also the supplier of his products can sell you garden tools at dirt cheap price.

Increasing demand for garden tools like brush cutters and chainsaws has attracted many firms to manufacturer tools for home and garden. The new manufacturers prefer selling tools on their own instead of involving suppliers. They choose to opt out of tradition sale process that involves suppliers to keep the cost of their products low or to offer good deals on machines and tools.

For good deals on farm equipments and tools, you should visit manufacturers of machines and tools. When shopping online, you will find two kinds of websites. There are both suppliers and manufacturers. It is you, who have to choose your seller. For cost saving, you should buy tools from a manufacturer and you can easily locate a reliable manufacturer on the web.

Buy chainsaw on good deals and save some money for buying a chainsaw sharpener and a cutting chain blade. Similarly you can save money for buying brush cutter attachments, if you buy a brush cutter from a manufacturer. Also you will get warranty on the products. In this way you can ensure maximum return on your investment.

Lambert Weiss enjoys gardening in the evenings and the weekends with his family. Writing about gardening tools is a way for him to express and share his experiences. For more information visit Good deals and Auger post hole digger.

Garden Bed Kits & Love For Nature

Gardening is something that almost everybody will love doing. Experts say that gardening is a very good stress buster and can help you stay health in the rushes of the modern day life. Raised garden beds are nothing but the soil being raised to three to four feet high from the normal ground level. Normally these kinds of Raised garden beds are enclosed by wood, rock, concrete and so on. You can actually plan any kind of trees or plants that you are willing in such kinds of gardens. Such kinds of gardening has been in existence for quite some time however never caught the eyes of people but now it’s a common way of gardening that one can see around. These gardens can be of any length and any width. This is a fabulous way of showing your love towards the nature and also a great way to add beauty to the surroundings of your house. Raised garden beds are very eye catching and give your garden a different looks altogether.

You can actually get your own garden bed kits from the local gardening shops and have your own Raised garden beds. Garden kits have simple tools to help to maintain your garden beds and also to keep it well through out.

Gardening is a passionate job and should come from within and that’s when one makes a beautiful garden. They say the garden shows the character of the gardener which is very true the better the Gardner you are the better human being you are.

Love for nature is not common but the one who does it can say that the garden that he works on gives him the mental peace and satisfaction when he sees the flowers blooming and giving a eye thrilling experience for anyone.

For more information on Raised garden beds, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the garden bed kits!

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Garden Design Advice for Tucson, Arizona Residents

Are you looking for good garden design advice in Tucson, Arizona? Perhaps some of the best advice is on how to prevent the spread of destructive pests in your garden! This article will provide you with garden design tips that will help you cultivate and protect your crops. Whether you’re looking to grow edible plants or beautiful flowers, the following information will be beneficial to you.

Garden Design Advice for Tucson: Raise Companion Plants That Thwart the Spread of Destructive Pests:

Dills for cabbages. The number one enemy of plants belonging to the cabbage family is the cabbageworm. These tiny creatures bore holes into the cabbage plants, making them useless for consumption or trading. Dills are plants that attract Tachinid flies that feed on cabbageworms and their eggs. Dills are known to be permanent solutions to the problems caused by unwanted cabbageworms.

Tomatoes for cabbages. Some moths feed on cabbage foliage as well, creating the same problems as those brought on by cabbageworms. Worse, moths produce larvae at such a rapid pace that a full-blown invasion is almost always inevitable. By growing tomatoes near your cabbage plants will help you deter moths. Is is said that tomato plants emit a particular odor that moths loathe, keeping them (and their larvae) away from your garden.

Chives or garlic for roses. Roses are grown for the beautiful flowers. Pests often ruin these blooms, making a quarter of a year’s work rather useless. Cultivating chives alongside roses assists in repelling the usual pests that feed on rose bushes. Garlic is believed to have the same effect.

Beans for corn. A bug infestation in corn crops can be very harmful for the entire garden. Cultivating beans in your garden will help attract useful insects that will prey on the usual pests that trouble corn fields. Armyworms, leaf beetles and leaf hoppers will be all but sad memories with bean plants surrounding growing corn stalks.

Nasturtiums for cucumbers. Cukes attract cucumber beetles – little insects with strong jaws that hack through cucumbers themselves. Nasturtiums, however, repel cucumber beetles, allowing for the healthy growth of cucumber plants.

Here’s some information about a popular desert plant that will make a great addition to the area around your garden design in Tucson.

Boxwood Beauty, also called “Green Carpet” or Carissa Macrocarpa, is a fast-growing, ornamental shrub that is wind resistant and can grow in coastal area. It usually forms a dense, thorny shrub, but can also grow into a small tree.

Boxwood Beauty has y-shaped thorns that grow from green branches. The plant exudes a milky, white non-toxic latex material. Its leaves are shiny, dark and leathery. The flowers vary in size, are pure white in color and have the scent of orange blossoms. Boxwood Beauty produces large oval red fruit that is edible and rich in Vitamin C. “Green Carpet” is a popular ground cover.

Boxwood Beauty attracts birds and butterflies to the garden. It can be pruned if necessary.

If you are still unsure about what will work in your garden design and landscaping in Tucson, there are plenty of online resources that can help you. For instance, many local landscaping companies have expertise in garden design and plants that thrive in the area. Hiring a professional garden design and landscaping company in Tucson, Arizona might just be your best bet. They can work with you to pick out the best plants that fit your taste, lifestyle and budget – and they can even help you maintain it!

John Waters is Principal of Creative Environments Design Landscape, the largest and most respected landscape design company in Arizona. Let our team work with you to develop a garden design in Tucson that will fit your style and budget. Visit our website to request a free consultation.

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