8 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Garden

Monsoon fills your garden with lush greenery and refreshes the look of your garden. There are so many ways to up the game of your garden like you could add unique garden pots and planters, monsoon flower plants and other decorative accessories. With few DIYs only you can make your garden space look really fantastic.

Let’s have a look at few tips and tricks to decorate your garden.

1. Garden Pots and Planters
The winning accessories of any garden are its decorative planters. Choose from an array of sizes and shapes which are made from clay, terracotta, wood, fancy metallic and what not, the variety of planters is not limited and you can find something that suits your taste and liking.

2. Accessorize with Tools
You can pick up fun gardening tools, neon stools, vibrant water cans and beautiful bird cages to make your garden lively. You can also incorporate Victorian wrought iron furniture to give a touch of rustic look to your garden.

3. Artificial Plants
There is no harm in using artificial plants to decorate your garden as you will require no effort to take care of them. You can add artificial shrubs and climbers to add some greenery to bits and corners of your garden.

4. Monsoon Flower Plants
Grow beautiful monsoon flower plants to add vivid colors to your garden. You can grow plants like hibiscus, marigolds, plumerias, monsoon cassia and many more. Consult a good nursery before buying flower plants for monsoon.

5. Dress up Garden Entrance
Add expansiveness to your ordinary garden with a sequence of discrete spaces. Decorate your entrance with a tall planter or add a garden arbor and adorn it with climbers, potted bougainvillea etc.

6. Decorate the Fence
Don’t forget to change the look of the fence of your garden. You can hang decorative planters on the fence (if you have a wooden fence) or add the multipurpose climbers to make the garden look lush and filled with greenery.

7. Pebble your Garden
You can use decorative pebbles and gravels in pathways, fountain and many more; it all depends on your imagination to put these pebbles. Pebbles are not only decorative but also protect soil from erosion, sunlight and weeds.

8. Decorative Element with Sound
A fountain is like a perfect finishing touch to your garden. The sound of trickling of water will connect you to nature in a different way. If you don’t have a lot of space in your garden, you can even add a small corner fountain.

These gardening tips will help you make a dreamy garden of your own and thoroughly enjoy this monsoon season.

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How To Decorate Your Home Using The Country Home Decorating Style

There are many styles of decorating one’s home. One of the most popular ones today is “country home decorating.” Country home decorating involves a casual friendly lifestyle, much like the country lifestyle is often about.

To make your home reflect country home decorating, you should have each room of your home incorporate the theme. The main elements of this theme are the following:

– Using harmonious colors that do not clash with each other in your rooms, which helps to make the whole scheme come together.

– Achieving balance with the main pieces of furniture you place in your rooms;

– Carefully placing each piece of furniture so that the purpose it was made for can be fully utilized and you gain the most benefit from owning it.

You want the rooms to exhibit simplicity and restfulness, much like what the country life revolves around. This is why you should only have the pieces of furniture in a room that you truly will use. You also should not use many colors. In addition, the color scheme you use should be based on the same family; you should not mix shades, as this will totally distort the image of country home decorating.

Your home should also provide an atmosphere with quality objects that have good shapes and color-combinations. You should take your time in furnishing your home with the “right items,” as rushing on what items to put in your home will likely lead to wrong choices and wasted money. After some time, you’ll learn what pieces of furniture and furnishings you aren’t using, and can therefore get rid of and replace with pieces that have colors and shapes that are congruous with your room’s theme and are provide a more useful purpose.

You should make sure that the lighting fixtures and picture frames all blend in well with the style of furniture you furnish your home with. You should also hang appropriate pictures that match up with your furniture style as well.

It’s very important to have a unified theme when you’re decorating the interior of your home using a country home decorating style.

Another main element of country home decorating is that warmth and charm are evident in all the furnishings. Using natural-tone furniture, like oak or pine, constructing your floors from natural wood, flagstone, or tile, and using wood blinds or cafe curtains with checkered or floral patterns can help show this element of warmth and charm you’d expect to find in a country home setting.

Other main elements you want to emphasize in your country home include comfortable sofas and recliners, open fires in fireplaces, many books, and the lighting where you have as much sunlight as possible during the day and many lamps that provide good reading light at night.

A country home emphasizes simplicity, balance, good harmony amongst all the furnishings of a room, and the warmth and charm that such elements bring to the room. Using natural-toned furniture like oak and pine and natural substances to create your floors, like natural wood or flagstone, will also add to the country home atmosphere. When these elements are combined together in a pleasing manner, you’ll experience the country warmth, charm, and tranquility in your home.

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Garden Flags – Use It To Decorate Your Home And Garden

Flags can be used for many different reasons; parties, decoration, welcome signs, etc. A lot of people use the Garden flags to make their home and garden look distinctive. One can place them very conveniently on the ground or can be hung outside ones home. When one is looking at the option of hanging them outside their home then is done so with the help of plastic sleeves by then inserting the flag into it. You can find Garden flags in different designs and color pictures; usually bright enough to stand out.

These Garden flags can be used to decorate the inside of ones home also. A lot of people like to use them as wall decorations when they are inside of the house. These flags are usually found in places like near a mailbox, lawns, porches, patios, and on decks. After removing the flag from its place during any sports event they are placed back in the places mentioned above appropriately. The National flags of states or countries can be seen by us in places such as parking lots, schools, banks and other business buildings. Due to the presence of these flags in so many colors and sizes make them look so special and colorful. There are the small garden flags are usually stuck in person’s garden in their yard, but they can be used to stick on windows of your vehicle or your windows in your home. The ones made for the windows are created with suction cups to help them stay fixed in a place.

There are occasions that have to be announced to everyone like public events such as weddings, town picnics, new baby announcements, etc when the garden flags are made use of. These garden flags can be made use of for any occasion and no matter how the weather is and which season of the year is running. Due to the solid material used to make these garden flags they are water proof and can withstand any weather. Something that you should consider doing before putting a garden flag in whatever location you desire, is to measure that area to determine what size of a flag you should be getting. One needs to place the flag as far as possible from the risky places like fire and barbecue pits.

One of the most elegant designs amongst these garden flags is the sick screening design. This process involves a heat sublimation of whatever design the artist draws. In the normal flag one makes use of the inks of the design to be imprinted on the flag cloth to give a very beautiful and native look whereas when one wants the design on both the sides of the flag then they need to make use of the appliqu work. In order to get this one has to get the design stitched to the flag to make the picture appear from both the sides. It is up to you want design you choose, and there are plenty to choose from.

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How To Decorate Your Home, Inside And Out, With Wooden Garden Planters

With today’s uncertain economy, homeowners are more interested in making a dollar stretch than spending money on lavish makeovers. As every good decorator knows, spending a little on small touches can make a big impact. If you would like to add a little sparkle to your outdoor or indoor decor, plants are a great way to do it.

Plants are a beautiful way to add style. Wooden garden planters are an excellent way to put plants in a garden or home without the extra effort of maintaining an elaborate garden. And with today’s Internet accessibility, a new style is only a click away.

A wooden garden planter is a container that is specifically designed to contain plants. There are small wooden garden planters that can be used for herbs or small flowers. Larger wooden garden planters can hold bushes or small trees. When decorating with a wooden garden planter, think about the following before making a purchase:

– Size. Just like buying furniture, you will want to consider the size and scale of the area you want to decorate. If your area is large and open, you may want to buy several of the largest size of wooden garden planter. Smaller, more intimate settings may make a grouping of small wooden garden planters more suitable.

– Material. Wooden garden planters are available in many different types of wood, including teak, cypress, or cedar. Teak is resistant to insects and is highly water resistant. Cypress is a common wood used for outdoor furnishings. Cedar is aromatic and also resistant to pests.

– Aesthetics. From a simple box to an elaborate design, shop for a wooden garden planter that meets your sense of style. Wooden garden planters are available stained, unstained or painted. While a stained or unstained planter provides a neutral backdrop, a painted planter may better suit your color scheme.

– Price. Depending on quality, size and type of wood, planters come in a variety of price ranges. If you are buying multiple groupings of planters, you may want to consider price as the biggest factor in making a purchase. However, if you are buying only one large size wooden garden planter, price may be less important to you. Regardless of what you buy, be sure the planter is made of quality construction and material.

– Manufacturer. Consider the company that makes the wooden garden planter and the type of warranty or customer satisfaction guarantee that the company offers to consumers. Many people forget to look into this important piece of information until they have already made a purchase that they later regret. If a company isn’t interested in satisfying its customers, you should take your business (and your wallet) else ware.

Simple changes like adding some wooden garden planters can make a dramatic change in appearance and puts a modern, well-decorated look to any location. The addition of plants helps cleanse and purify the air. Fragrant plants bring a pleasant aroma that encourages relaxation and happy memories.

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