Building a Raised Garden Bed: Install Garden Beds

There are various reasons that people will consider building a raised garden bed and one of the reasons being it is one of the best methods to ensure that your crops or plants remain as healthy as possible. In case you notice poor results on some of your tomatoes or flowers there are various considerations that you will have to bear in mind. Most of the time people will assume all sorts reasons for poor productions for their crops which will ranging from the poor use of fertilizers to lack of water. All these are valid if not possible reasons considering that most of the time the plants may need a bit of fertilizers to thrive but building a bed is one of the major considerations that you should bear in mind and not owing to lack of fertilizers or water but the advantages of building a raised garden bed. In other terms, building a raised garden bed may be the only answer to your questions therefore you may need to consider the following:

When building a raised bed there are enough reasons why you will need it and one of the reasons being a raised bed offers richer soils for your plants meaning that your vegetables are likely to thrive through the raised bed. In other words, the reason why your plants were not thriving was because all the soil nutrients were exhausted and there may be need for replenishing the soil. In addition, when building a raised garden bed you may consider putting manure or fertilizers in the raised garden to boost the first produce from the garden. This is to mean that t you stand a better chance of getting better results by building a garden bed especially if the garden is comprised of poor or marginal soil or the place you live is known for poor soil.

In case you would like faster results for your crop produce building a bed is a great idea and most of the time it is among the best ideas that you can have when you are in need of the garden’s produce. The raised gardens are known to have soil profiles that are filled with soil nutrients which are great for the crop produce. In addition, while building a raised garden bed you may consider adding some fertilizers and compost manure to harness the growth of the plants. Most of the time it usually turns out that you can harvest vegetables within a short period of time and more so quite often making it possible to have constant supply during hot and cold seasons owing to building a raised garden bed.

It is a fact that living in some places there is hardly any space for gardening let alone a place to play thus building a raised garden bed becomes a perfect option. The reason owes to the fact that for those living in the city building a raised garden bed gives you the chance to plant many more plants on the garden bed and even if they are close together it is still possible for the crops to thrive in such conditions.

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Building Online Business to Attain Financial Freedom

Studies done recently concluded that corporate employees suffer from different mental imbalances and even “disorders” such as depression and anxiety. It might be because of the nature of their work which lacks activities that involve going out, meeting other people, and exciting and fresh things to do, and partly because it is not that financially rewarding (not unless the employee holds a management position). A common solution to this problem is to quit the current job and find a new one which will fulfill the void that the current job is unable to satisfy.

Others engage themselves in other pursuits while not necessarily quitting their current jobs. For some very practical reasons and because of the difficulty in finding occupations, the second option is a more preferred solution. Furthermore, it is easier to find a field of interest (e.g. building business online) rather than going through the process of applying for job positions all over again.

For people who find the corporate world and office life as a financial unsatisfying realm, as they are limited to monthly paychecks, creating businesses is a good option. Many professionals create businesses in order to pursue a dream or simply to make more money to provide for the family and personal needs. Whatever the reason is, businesses can indeed be a rewarding experience for someone who sincerely wants to engage in one.

Building online business is not easy though. Thinking that people have to invest money into the business translates into researching well and making sure that the business that a person will enter will indeed work given the projected target market and the current conditions within the market. It involves a lot of planning and conceptualizing. That is why it is hard for people to get into businesses they are not familiar with. If they are knowledgeable about, say plants (since they are horticulturists by profession and have worked for a company involved in tomato plantations), they can make use of that knowledge and make it into a profitable venture. This person can plant organic vegetables in his backyard and sell them over the internet, which becomes like an online organic grocery.

Also, if you are a talented writer, you can get paid by writing various articles on different subjects. Different employers pay on different terms. Some companies pay on the basis of your article’s popularity and readership among internet users. Others pay on a per-project basis. Yet other websites can give people a steady stream of income because they are constantly in need of up-to-date articles to put up new content on their site regularly.

Another business idea is to put up a service provider business. Besides not needing a big capital, it is also easier to manage than an online retail store. You can offer simple services such as lawn cutting or house painting to language tutorial and computer repair.

Building business online worked for many employees in the past. This might be the right time for other employees to try it out, too.

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Building Raised Garden Beds The Right Way

Copyright (c) 2012 Jack Russell

Raised garden beds may take a little bit of work to put together, but they actually make gardening easier in the long run. These beds allow gardeners to control the environments in which their plants grow, making up for poor soil, difficult drainage and invasion by weeds. Very tall raised beds even allow people with physical disabilities to garden more easily. There’s a right way and a wrong way to build raised beds, but gardeners who put theirs together correctly can enjoy easier, more-controllable gardening than ever before.

Bed Structure

The simplest and easiest raised bed is a wooden box with no bottom. This is filled with a pre-made soil mix and offers natural drainage. It’s important to choose the correct wood, however, and to make sure the structure of the bed is sturdy enough to hold the heavy soil. Gardeners in wet areas where wood may rot easily should use redwood, cedar or another naturally decay-resistant wood. Chemically treated woods may not rot, but they are often poisonous. Another option is to use brick, concrete blocks, stone or other non-decaying materials. A few gardeners have even built raised beds out of old claw-foot bathtubs and watering troughs, but these semi-container gardens pose extra drainage problems.

Gardeners should also pay close attention to structure. Most raised garden beds need more than just a few nails to hold them together. Putting an extra “lip” on the top of the bed not only make it look more attractive, but it also provides more stability. Gardeners should build each wall of the bed separately, then fasten the walls together in position. Moving the bed excessively can be awkward and make it less durable in the long run. For extra stability, gardeners can sink metal or wooden posts into the ground along the side walls or at the corners of the bed. Fastening the bed to these posts keeps it from shifting easily, even in high wind or other inclement weather.


The location of a raised bed makes a big difference in how well it will work. Gardeners can use raised beds to allow gardens in areas where the soil isn’t suitable for plants. The surface underneath the bed should be roughly level, however. North-south orientations usually make the best use of the available light, while shaded sites are a poor choice except for very specific types of plants. Gardeners shouldn’t put raised beds too close together. If a lawnmower or wheelbarrow must pass between the beds, it’s important to allow enough space to use these devices comfortably.

Filling the Bed

Once it’s in the correct place, a raised bed requires filling. Not all the fill material needs to be soil, however. Many gardeners put down a layer of gravel or stone at the bottom of a raised bed. This is especially effective for people building very tall garden beds. The stone provides a drainage layer that keeps plants from “swimming” after a heavy rain. Many gardeners also add a layer of landscape fabric over the gravel to suppress weed growth. Over that, it may be appropriate to add a sheet of hardware cloth or other wire mesh. The mesh keeps burrowing animals out of the bed. Only after these layers are in place is it appropriate to add topsoil, manure, compost and other rich growth media.

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